2014-15 Season

Tartuffe of the North

Written and directed by David Fancy


This not-to-be-missed show is a ribald and entertaining farce like you’ve never seen. Halfway between Pocahontas and the Marquis de Sade, Tartuffe of the North features a biting and theatrical exploration of the myths that non-native Canadians have about First Nations in this country. Set in Saskatchewan at the time of Queen Victoria’s death, an imposter dressed as a first nations chief moves uninvited into the home of an earnest Canadian family with a ‘dark’ secret of their own. With a camp horror film aesthetic and rapid-fire dialogue, this outrageous production is bound to provoke discussion.


TARTUFFE’s biting farcical quality will permit rich opportunities for exploration of various theatrical styles featuring elevated approaches to performance and design.


The themes of identity, inclusion and exclusion, and the whole question of native identity will provide amply opportunity for working with various speakers and community participants during our Open Studio series.


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Tick, Tick... Boom!

Directed by Daniel Abadie


This musical was written, and originally performed as a solo piece by American composer Jonathan Larson who would later received two Tony Awards for Rent. 


Tick, Tick... Boom! tells the story of Jon who is turning thirty and he is afraid that he has made the wrong career choice.  His only dream is to write songs and musicals that people will listen to over and over again. However, with growing pressure coming from his girlfriend, Susan—who wants to settle down and raise a family—and from Michael—his best friend who has arranged a job interview for Jon with a very important firm—Jon is force to start making decisions about his life.


This musical is largely autobiographical. Larson had been trying, with no success, to establish himself as an artist since the early 1980s.  After Larson's early death in 1996, David Auburn, author of the Pulitzner- price winning play Proof, restructured and reconfigured Tick, Tick... Boom! into a three-actor musical, and it was first performed off-Broadway on May 23, 2001.


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