2017-18 Season

The Kim Cycle

Written and directed by David Fancy; Composed by WL Altman


Three generations of self-declared imperial leaders have run North Korea: Kim Il-Sung, Kim Jong-Il, and Kim Jong Un. The Kim Cycle explores the eccentric and yet very terribly reality of the Kim regimes.


Serving as a fusion of a rich variety of genres, from film to dance, opera and music, this piece will continue to provide the company for rich creative explorations and collaborations. Using projection and relatively simple set pieces, the production’s actor/signer/dancers will demonstrate the rich possibilities of human expression in the face of very challenging circumstance.


(Rock out. Be part of something that will be like nothing you've every seen before.)


Frankenstein, or the Modern Prometheus

Directed by Daniel Abadie


Based on the famous novel written by Mary Shelley, with music by Mark Baron, lyrics by Jeffrey Jackson, and book by Jeffrey Jackson and Gary P Cohen, Frankenstein, a New Musical is certain to thrill audiences.


Explorer and ship captain Robert Walton discovers Victor Frankenstein, almost dead, adrift on a floe of ice. Victor's story is told in flashbacks. When Victor rejects his own hideous creation, the creature takes its vengeance on Frankenstein's family, which inevitably brings both of them (creature and creator) to learn a powerful lesson about love.


Frankenstein, A New Musical was premiered off-Broadway in 2007, and it then went to succeed in both, regional and international stages.


(Monstor rock is cool. Get involved.)


Oh, Escarpment, You Beautiful Thing

A collaborative creation by neXt Company Theatre


What’s more gorgeous around here than the awe-inspiring stone, wood and earthen spine of the Niagara Escarpment?


Taking place outdoors, this community-engaged performance extravaganza—complete with choirs, an orchestra, dozens of performers, not to mention animated stones and trees—will bring the escarpment to life like never before.


(The stories of Niagara are the stories are yours. Get involved.)

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Brock Congress 2014

  • Cabaret Sauvignon was a fabulous show – fast-moving, raunchy, biting but fun, poignant and with spectacle. Indeed a vindication of cabaret. Congratulations. Just shows you what you can get away with ingenuity and irony.
    - Leah Bradshaw

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