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neXt Company Theatre is dedicated to the passionate and informed creation of socially conscious new work; documenting Niagara’s culture and history; the production of beautiful, unique musical theatre; mentoring emerging artists, technicians, and producers; and training of the next generation of stage actors. 


neXt Company Theatre is a fully incorporated, not-for-profit, charitable organization.

Charitable Tax Registration number: 81308 0256 RR0001

Documentary Theatre

neXt is committed to providing members of the Niagara Region with insight into the identity of the people, places and creatures of the community, employing the power of documentary theatre to raise awareness and encourage growth.


neXt is dedicated to the passionate and informed creation of new work which is both beautiful and demanding for our audiences.


neXt produces high quality, clean and beautiful muscial theatre that can be fun and light while also engaging and thought-provoking.


Through workshop intensives and other educational programming, which offer high quality theatre training to the next general of stage actors, neXt Company Theatre is enthusiastically committed to shaping the future landscape of acting training in Canada


neXt Company Theatre is devoted to mentoring emerging artists, technicians and producers. With such projects as the Emerging Directors Program, neXt plans to provide ample opportunities for aspiring artist to get more involved with the blooming arts scene in the Niagara Region and beyond.

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Brock Congress 2014

  • A vintage cabaret with urban spice. A perfect blend of talents from the Niagara Region. A taste of song, theatre, dance, circus and, of course, wine! It was sexy, raunchy, scandalous and every bit of fun to the last sip.
    - Rachel Balak

neXt Company Theatre is grateful for support from:

Twenty Valley Tourism, Niagara Falls

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