Cabaret Sauvignon

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"Cabaret Sauvignon was a fabulous show – fast-moving, raunchy, biting but fun, poignant and with spectacle. Indeed a vindication of cabaret. Congratulations. Just shows you what you can get away with ingenuity and irony."  - Leah Bradshaw

"A vintage cabaret with urban spice. A perfect blend of talents from the Niagara Region. A taste of song, theatre, dance, circus and, of course, wine! It was sexy, raunchy, scandalous and every bit of fun to the last sip."
- Rachel Balak

"Unbelievable! I'm still humming and tapping. Had no idea what we were in for and it was a delightful surprise! Great entertainment, great value, and all right here in Niagara. Who knew?
" - Christine Merrick

From torchsongs to comedy numbers to cartortionists...

From torchsong to comedy numbers to contortionists... from songs about Niagara wine to songs about Niagara Falls... the music of Cabaret Sauvignon will give you a taste of the region and tunes to whistle for days.

Wrapped around a delicious 3-course meal, Cabaret Sauvigon leaves guests  fully satisfied and inspired.

For music lovers, circus lovers and epicures alike, our Cab Sauv has  something for all tastes.

Enjoy Niagara at its fullest!

In collaboration with

Conceived byDaniel Abadie, David Fancy, Rod Morris, Kosta Zakharenko

Directed by | Daniel Abadie

Text + Lyrics | David Fancy

Composition & Arrangement | Jonathan Mastro

Featuring Performances by | Daniel Abadie, Louisa O'Keane, Karina Bershtyn, Eric Morin 
Circus Performances by | Zacada Circus

Musical Direction by | Corey Wachala

Produced by | Christine Nolan, Lisa Matheson, David Fancy

Executive Production + Marketing | Rod Morris
Publicity Coordination by | Heather Sargeson

Bring the Cabaret to your next event.

Cabaret Sauvignon is a perfect option for a special event, or conference dinner. The show takes place in 3 parts and can be woven around 3 courses of a meal quite perfectly.

Please contact us for more information.

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  • "Khalida was an exhilarating, challenging and informative night at the theatre. Jason Jazrawy is an extraordinary performer. He takes you right to the emotional edge and then ever so gently releases his grip on your heart strings. David Fancy never flinches from the truths he is telling. He insists that we walk his walk with him. He insists that we care."
    - Kate Trotter, Canadian film, television and theatre phenomenon

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