March of the Falsettos

Message from the Director:

Do you have the perfect family? Growing up, I used to think that everyone else had the perfect family, except for me. Later on, I realized that what seemed to be perfect on the outside, wasn't necessarily so on the inside. This show goes way beyond the fake smile recorded in the perfect family portraint and allows us to see the true colours of those family members.


I ask a lot of you as an an audience. For starters, I need you to open your minds. I have taken away all but five chairs. There is no set, the music is fast-paced, the actors remain on stage during the entire performance and the few props that are on stage are often part of the actors' attire.


So what happens now? Who are the people on the stage? Whose house are we in? Is it your neighbours home or is it your cousins-friends-familys home?


Much like the painter who sits in fron of a blank white canvas, you now sit in front of your own. Let your mind create the space, the props and the set. Let the colours on stage fil lyou with the emotions that they evoke. Enjoy the journey!  - Daniel Abadie, Director


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(Photography, poster and program design by Doug Wilson, GREATSHOTS.PRO)

About the Show

William Finns 'March of the Falsettos' is the perfect piece of summer musical confection: layered, wweet in all kinds of ways, and with the occasional moment of tart. This one act piece, part of Finn's larger Tony winning Fasettos project, first ran on Broadway in the 1980s and features the story of Marvin and his ongoing quest for self-understanding, strong relationships and a life with a happy ending. The piece invokes the relative innocence of a post-Stonewall and pre-AIDS time, when the growing collective confidence of the New York gay community could publicly express wishes and desires that had previously been reserved for middle America. The strong role and witty commentary of the child sheds light on the neuroses of the parents and invites us into a world of comical yet poignant insight about this complex but still very famliiar family dynamic.

The Cast & Artists

Marvin - Daniel Abadie

Whizzer - Preston Vendramin

Mendel - Billy Arthur

Jason - Padraic Odesse

Trina - Louisa O'Keane


Director – Daniel Abadie

Artistic Associate – Billy Arthur

Artistic Consultant - David Fancy

Stage Manager - Kate Hardy

Choreographer - Melanie Ash

Muscial Director & Keyboards - Corey Wachala

Set Design - Daniel Abadie

Costume Design - Billy Arthur

Lighting Designer - Stacey Warford-Graham

Sound Design - Jacqueline Costa

Sound Assistant - Brianne Lidstone

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