Flash Wedding Crashers at Niagara Roller Derby

You've never seen a wedding quite like this! In collaboration with the Essential Collective Theatre Company, we crash a Niagara Roller Girls roller derby practice with an over the top wedding ceremony!




Videography: Barsin Aghajan and Rick Fast

Directed by: Jason Cadieux and Stephanie Jones

Produced By: Karrie Porter

Priest: Daniel Abadie

Couple: Jacqueline Costa (in suit) and Brianne Lidstone (in dress)

Parents: Jason Cadieux, David Fancy and Karrie Porter

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Brock Congress 2014

  • "Bravo!!! That was so nice. Tasteful for Niagara Falls! I wasn’t going to stay til the end.....but you couldn’t have dragged me away. Amazing work by all participants! Good Job!"
    - B. Little, Niagara

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