GOYA | A Techno-Opera

Stay tuned for details on this exciting new work ... it's opera like you've never seen before!

neXt Company Theatre Co-Artistic Director David Fancy is collaborating with composer Lorne Altman (sound design for That Woman: Sex/Tragedy), Canadian soprano Helen Pridmore and choreographer Mazine Heppner (with Across Oceans) to develop this project a based on the life and work of Spanish painter Francisco Goya.

GOYA fuses techno and classical operatic music to make a unique spectacle. Combining hip-hop dance, operatic singing, DJing, digital projections and virtual environments, GOYA brings spectator/participants to an intensive place of audience engagement. Six of Goya’s paintings come alive in this piece as the characters being painted express the realities of their lives and times. The artist’s journey from courtly painter to chronologer of the decay of an age brings the audience to difficult and revelatory places.


This is a dark, dynamic and very original production marked by many flashes of light. GOYA affirms that participation in dance, music, and expression are all pathways to the renewal of spirit.


This piece will represent the company’s first foray into a fusion of opera and contemporary performance, opening up the possibility for new venues and collaborations.


We will be able to reach out to a range of communities of interest with this production that will invite audiences into a very unique environment. Discussion with participants in dance culture, tech culture, painting and opera, amongst many other groups, will be possible in the course of our Open Studio series.


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Brock Congress 2014

  • "We just got home after attending the march and the battle re-enactment of Lundy's Lane and we wanted to tell you how much we enjoyed being a part of such a well-done event. Thank you for organizing this event and allowing the community to be involved as well. Everyone had a great time."
    - D. Smith, Niagara Falls

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