Reenactment of the Battle of Lundy's Lane 1814-2014

The Battle of Lundy's Lane

Niagarans of all ages were part of history as we celebrated the anniversary of this historic event with a large-scale spectacle with performers, music, video.

Key figures from all sides of the battle were represented as we remembered our history together.

Cabaret Sauvignon - song, dancy, comedy... and wine!

Bring the sassy charm of Niagara to your next event!

Song, dance, comedy and a little wine... it's the perfect show.

Looking for something a bit different? Contact us about bringing our signature cabaret show to your next event.



Brock Congress 2014   Presents Khalida

A beautiful, dynamic & poetic production relevant for our time. 

With a stunning stage design, this one-actor show offers a beautifully layered experience of important social justice issues.


How do we deal with fear and pain?

Why do we choose the journeys we embark on?

CUT explores a quartet of characters – One is afraid of everything, one is hurting herself, one has been hurt, and one thinks he has all the answer


We create. We document. We sing. And we have fun.

Think about getting involved ... your way. Whether your interested in production, marketing, administration or simply supporting our work financially, we invite you join the neXt team.

Hope to hear from you.


Cabaret Sauvignon

"A vintage cabaret with urban spice. A perfect blend of talents from the Niagara Region. A taste of song, theatre, dance, circus and, of course, wine! It was sexy, raunchy, scandalous and every bit of fun to the last sip!" - Rachel Balak

Great food, great wine, great entertainment in one event...        it doesn't get much better!

From torchsong to comedy numbers to contortionists... from songs about Niagara wine to songs about Niagara Falls... the music of Cabaret Sauvignon will give you a taste of the region and tunes to whistle for days. Wrapped around a 3 course meal at your next corporate event, Cabaret Sauvigon will leave your audience fully satisfied and inspired.

For music lovers, circus lovers and epicurians alike, our Cab Sauv has  something for all tastes. Enjoy Niagara at its fullest!


Khalida Rocks the Niagara theatre scene! 

Help us continue to stage relevent theatre in Niagara

Our work is relevant. It is timely. It is entertaining. And it challenges us to perhaps think a little differently about our world. We are a not-for-profit, volunteer operated professional company and we are passionate about what we do. We believe it is important to the healthy dialogue amongst Niagarans. We need your help to continue to stage the quality of programming that you have come to expect from neXt Company Theatre. Please consider contributing towards the costs of production of our next show. We thank you. Donate here

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Brock Congress 2014

  • "I'm a huge fan of neXt Company Theatre's ability to engage the public in a generous way but at the same time not shy away from the political complexity of the real-world events they put on stage. Frickin' awesome! So happy to live in Niagara!"
    - A. Jarry, Grimsby

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