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Aboriginal and Non-Aboriginal Youth Workshop Series

neXt Company Theatre looks to partner up with local aboriginal and non-aboriginal youth communities to generate a unique workshop and mentoring program.


The workshop series will involve a weekly gathering led by an artist facilitator using theatre-based and improvisation exercises to explore issues of interpersonal power relations; the right and ability to tell one’s own story; collaborative and co-emergent forms of creation; conflict resolution; team building; body-image awareness; auto-ethnography; appreciation of nature’s power; and the celebration of spontaneity. An important aspect of the workshop series will be the participants’ development of their ability to begin to lead others in the same kind of work.


The workshop / mentorship program will feature many affiliate artists serving as drop-in instructors who will lead sessions such as Pow Wow dancing, healthy lifestyles, theatrical design, playwriting and more. The official list will be published in an upcoming press release.


This component of neXt Company Theatre’s programming will be led by local Métis artist Bryan White. Bryan has completed his Honours BA at Brock University in Dramatic Arts. He has had the opportunity to work with a wide variety of artists who each incorporate a unique culture/philosophy to the craft, and looks to infuse the experience of the workshop / mentorship program with all of those unique, diverse experiences. Bryan hopes to investigate the role of art as personal exploration and expression. More details about registration, dates, and affiliate artists will be released in an upcoming press release.


Stay tuned!

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