Khalida | Brock Congress 2014 | May 24

Khalida is a dynamic, poetic and politically relevant production featuring the confessions and testimony of Said, a man in flight from a conflict zone in the Middle East who has found himself in an oil producing country in the economic North. Drawing resonances from the ongoing Arab spring, the play provides an opportunity to explore cultural alienation and gender diversity in contemporary multicultural society.

Khalida at the Brock Congress, 8pm, May 24, 2014

Written and Directed by: David Fancy

Featuring: Jason Jazrawy

Stage and Lighting Design by: Vojin Vasovic

Technical Director: Alan Teichman

Stage Manager: Carolyn McKenzie

Produced by: David Fancy

Saturday, May 24 | 8pm

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Sean O'Sullivan Theatre, Brock University

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Honors & Reviews

"Khalida is a complex rendering of the extraordinary life of an
Iraqi immigrant to North America. It is a collision of worlds, culture and politics paralleled by a clash of theatrical styles."
Richard Rose, Tarragon Theatre

"As a former colleague of Jason Jazrawy's at the Shaw Festival, I was especially thrilled by the emotional depth and breadth of his performance. He inhabited each character fully, and made this chilling tale all the more frightening for his believability." Guy Bannerman, Shaw Festival

"Khalida is unforgettable. On a stage layered with surrealist inspired projections designed by Vojin Vasovic, actor Jason Jazrawy inhabits the narrative with an indelible performance, personalizing the ongoing tragedies underlying the Arab spring. In several scenes, where he is both prisoner and interrogator, attacker and victim, Jason's vast dramatic range - and the heart pounding richness of detail in David Fancy's play, dense with instantaneous scene cuts - will leave you hand on mouth, in a state of enlightened meta-cultural awe. Go see Khalida." - Micheal Leckman, Lead Architect with Diamond Schmitt Architects (architects for the St. Catharines Performing Arts Centre)

Khalida received the 2008 Enbridge PlayRites Award presented to an emerging playwright by Alberta Theatre Projects. The text was chosen one of the Outstanding New Plays at the 2008 Summerworks Festival, received 4 out of 4 possible N’s (NNNN) in its Now Magazine review. The play was one of three texts featured at the 2009 International Director’s Laboratory at the Lincoln Centre in New York City.

“A dense, challenging and noteworthy achievement for playwright David Fancy. It is a compact, dynamic, poignant, and politically relevant piece of writing that deftly steers its way through war, torture, isolation, love, confession, revelation and peace. And it is not without humour.”
– Iris Turcott, dramaturg, Factory Theatre, Toronto

“David Fancy’s imaginative script, a work filled with surrealism, brutality and irony… solo actor Jason Jazrawy gives a powerhouse performance. The design elements and sound add immeasurably to the production and the often striking text.”
– Jon Kaplan, NOW Magazine

“Jason Jazrawy gives an intense, passionate performance.”
–Lynn Slotkin, CBC’s Here and Now

The Artists

Artist Statements

David Fancy, Writer, Director, Producer

I wrote Khalida as a gift to a friend, Addil Hussain, an Iraqi-Canadian actor, as a vehicle for his significant talents to explore the realities of how art, violence, courage, and love intersect in our contemporary global community... More

Jason Jazrawy, Actor

When I first became involved with Khalida, I knew it was going to have a profound effect on my life, both as an artist and an individual.  I felt it was one of those parts I was ‘born to play’, most conspicuously because I share the play’s title as my own name: Khalid Jason Jazrawy... More

Vojin Vasovic, Set Design, Video and Lighting Design

When I first read Khalida, one of the strongest images that remained in my head was a frozen moment right after the explosion, when everything is still in the air, broken, in pieces, almost beautifully flying. It is this motion that I would like to create in the set. It will consist of hanging pieces of his memories: suspended pieces of iron... More

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