The Last 5 Years

Directed by Daniel Abadie


This musical, written by Jason Robert Brown, was first presented in Chicago in 2001 and later produced off-Broadway in March 2002. It has been well-received a has played internationally.


The story centers around Jamie Wellerstein, a young novelist, and Cathy Hyatt, a struggling actress, and their five-years relationship. Jamie’s story is told from the beginning of the relationship onwards, while we see Cathy's story unfold from the end of their marriage backwards. The characters’ stories meet at the wedding scene.


The story is based on Brown's own failed marriage to Theresa O'Neil, in fact, it was so close to reality that O'Neil threaten legal action against Brown, who was forced to change some of the lyrics to make the similarities look less obvious.


With its singular story telling and its rich orchestration, The Last 5 Years creates a spell-bounding musical not to be missed.

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Brock Congress 2014

  • "Khalida was an exhilarating, challenging and informative night at the theatre. Jason Jazrawy is an extraordinary performer. He takes you right to the emotional edge and then ever so gently releases his grip on your heart strings. David Fancy never flinches from the truths he is telling. He insists that we walk his walk with him. He insists that we care."
    - Kate Trotter, Canadian film, television and theatre phenomenon

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