neXt Makes $1500 Donation to Educational Award Fund

Posted Jan 28th, 2012 in In the News

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Thank you very much to the members of the Board Executive in attendance at the events marking Brock's raising of the United Nations Flag at Rodman Hall on January 26, 2012.

Lisa Matheson, Leo Rodrigue and Rosemary Drage-Hale presented a cheque for $1500 to Liz Palmieri, Executive Director of the Niagara Community Foundation (NCF). In collaboration with Brock University and Niagara College, NCF will manage the newly established fund designed to support post-secondary education for the children of Niagara's Migrant workers.

The presentation generated much interest from the audience, both in terms of potential future donations and support for bringing neXt Company Theatre production of Growing Together to larger audiences outside of Niagara.

It was a great day for neXt that demonstrated our community engagement to an engaged audience who is looking forward to hearing more from us.


(From left to right: Leo Rodrigue, Lisa Matheson, Rosemary Drage-Hale,  Mayor Brian McMullen, Rangel Ramos, Alexander Ramirez, Liz Palmieri, Dr. Richard Mitchell and Dr. David Fancy. Photo courtesy of Samantha Purdy.)

More About the Migrant Children's Educational Award

The Migrant Children’s Educational Award is a collaborative initiative in keeping with the strategic plans of both of its post-secondary partners. Its principal support comes from St. Catharines Mayor Brian McMullan, Brock University Vice Provost Kimberley Meade and Professors David Fancy and Richard Mitchell, along with Niagara College Director of International Students Sean Coote and the Niagara Community Foundation, among many others.


The project began in 2010 when the migrant workers’ organization DOAM – Dignity Obreros Agricultural Migrant – met with Mayor McMullan and Professors Fancy and Mitchell to request greater social inclusion in the Region. At the same time, DOAM requested an educational award so their children might have access to post-secondary education in the Region where they spend most of the year.


neXt Company Theatre's presentation of Growing Together: Celebrating Niagara Migrant Workers on September 19, 2011 was the first fund-raising event for the initiative.

Anyone wishing to donate to the award fund are directed to contact any of the post-secondary Committee members named above or Ms. Liz Palmieri of the Niagara Community Foundation.


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