Acrobatics in the Pen Centre Foodcourt

Zacada Circus School wows patrons with a surprise flashmob circus performance at the Pen Centre Food Court during lunchtime!

Thanks to all of the performers and to Danny, Tina, Rick, Michael, Greg, and the rest of the staff at the Pen Centre for being excellent hosts to this amazing spontaneous moment of culture.

Directed by: David Fancy and Daniel Abadie

Concept: Karrie Porter

Performances: The Zacada Circus School

Created by: Kosta Zakaranko

Videography: Fagan Media Group

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Slide Show Photography: Stephanie Sintichakis

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Brock Congress 2014

  • "Bravo!!! That was so nice. Tasteful for Niagara Falls! I wasn’t going to stay til the end.....but you couldn’t have dragged me away. Amazing work by all participants! Good Job!"
    - B. Little, Niagara

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