The Rocky Horror Show

Dates: February 16-25, 2012

Location: Sullivan Mahoney Courthouse Theatre, St. Catharines, Ontario


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Photography | Doug Wilson GREATSHOTS.PRO

The Cast

Brad Majors | Billy Arthur

Janet Weiss | Genna Giampaolo

Dr. Frank-N-Furter | Daniel Abadie

Riff Raff | Paul Lewis

Magenta + Trixie | Carrie Kirkpatrick

Rocky | Adam Sassi

Columbia | Tamera Broczkowski

Dr. Everett V. Scott/Eddie | Louisa O'Keane

The Criminologist + Narrator | Rosemary Drage Hale


Daniel Abadie and Billy Arthur appear with the permission of the Canadian Actors' Equity Association.

Production Team

Producer | Leo Rodrigue

Assistant Producer | Lisa Matheson

Director | Daniel Abadie

Artistic Associate | Billy Arthur

Stage Manager + Lighting Design | Stacy Warford-Graham

Choreographer | Melanie Ash

Hair + Makeup | Monica Abadie

Costume Design | Billy Arthur + Daniel Abadie + Rod Philpott (Alien Costumes)

Costumes | Genna Giampaolo + Maureen Rodrigue + Christine Nolan

Set Design | Daniel Abadie + Billy Arthur

Dance Captain | Genna Giampaolo

Vocal Coach | Melissa Shriner

Music Direction | Laurel Broczkowski + Melissa Shriner

Sound Technician | Rya Ossinger + James Masswohl


Funds raised for AIDS Niagara: $1,335

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The Rocky Horror Show (2011)


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