The Ottawa Cast + Production Team

The Cast

Brad Majors | Billy Arthur

Janet Weiss | Genna Giampaolo

Dr. Frank-N-Furter | Daniel Abadie

Riff Raff | Paul Lewis

Magenta + Trixie | Carrie Kirkpatrick

Rocky | Adam Sassi

Columbia | Haley Bucknall

Dr. Everett V. Scott + Eddie + Usher | Adam Norrad

The Criminologist + Narrator | David Fancy


Daniel Abadie and Billy Arthur appear with the permission of the Canadian Actors' Equity Association.

Production Team

Producers | Genna Giampaolo, Daniel Abadie, Billy Arthur

Director | Daniel Abadie

Set Design | Daniel Abadie + Billy Arthur

Costume Design | Billy Arthur + Daniel Abadie + Rod Philpott (Alien Costumes)

Stage Manager |Stacy Warford-Graham

Lighting Design | Stacy Warford-Graham

Choreographer | Melanie Ash

Hair + Makeup | TBC

Sewers | Genna Giampaolo + Maureen Rodrigue + Christine Nolan + Billy Arthur + Daniel Abadie + Carol Giampaolo + Carmela Giampaolo

Dance Captain | Genna Giampaolo

Vocal Arrangements | Melissa Shriner

Music Direction | Gary Forbes

Sound Technician | TBC

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Brock Congress 2014

  • "I can't express enough what a great day that was. The planning of the Lundy's Lane event was perfect and the crowd amazed me."
    - S. Edwards, Niagara Falls

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