That Woman / Sex Tragedy


“Contemporary Western society is screwed up about sex. On the one hand, prudery reigns: simple conversations about sexuality are for many people still cringeably difficult, even among family and friends. On the other,  a multi-billion dollar porn industry booms, often involving the exploitation of women and girls. David Fancy’s new play,That Woman/Sex Tragedy, locates itself right at the heart of this contradiction. It’s a funny, disturbing story about four people trying to negotiate their relationships to sex, pleasure, love, and procreation – and to each other. But it’s also an angry indictment of how societal hypocrisy about sex can ruin lives. Savvy use of technology adds further depth and variation to Monica Dufault’s already bravura multi-character performance. This is a timely, sophisticated, political entertainment that deserves a broad audience.”

- Karen Fricker, Theatre Critic for Variety (US) and  Lecturer in Contemporary Theatre, Royal Holloway, University of London (UK)


This riveting and intensely entertaining production explores the reality of sex in an online world. Readily available porn and suburban sex toy parties serve as the backdrop for a complex exploration of identity and sexuality for three people: a Man, a Woman, and ‘That’ Woman. A central tragic event viewed through the eyes of these characters played in a bravura performance by Monica Dufault pushes the audience to an unavoidable and shocking conclusion.

An intelligent use of video designed by video artist Donna Szoke and a soundscore by the Motion Ensembles’ WL Altman work in concert with a stark design by David Vivian, lighting by Chris Penney and costumes by Roberta Doylend to make for a compelling theatrical experience.


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The Artists


“That Woman/Sex Tragedy, written and directed by David Fancy, enacted by Monica Dufault, is brave work. Few plays take us from belly-laugh to gut-wrench, fewer still present so honest a representation of sexual desire. Dufault, playing all parts — female, male, parent, child — astounds; Fancy, realizing his script with diversely inventive stagecraft, delights and instructs. Theatric, not graphic, here is a ‘sex play’, both hilarious and horrific, that is truly ‘adult entertainment’.”    
– Terrance Cox, Poet & Author

“Bravo for David Vivian’s non-traditional and creative design for That Woman/Sex Tragedy presented by neXt Company Theatre that heightened the audience’s relationship to the characters in this unforgettable new play.”
– Jane Gardner, General Manager, Carousel Players

“A splendid play, and Monica does a fine job: brave and funny and sad.”
– Peter Feldman, Founding Member, The Open Theatre

General Technical Specs

An innovative scenographic, videographic and auditory response to the performance venue sets the stage for the visceral quality of That Woman/Sex Tragedy. The production requires limited scenic elements and technical support that is consistent with most theatre inventories. That Woman/Sex Tragedy will succeed in unique and original venues that are ripe for rediscovery as well as newer venues in need of exploration.

More detailed information available upon request.

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