Music In the Vineyard

El Salvadorian-Canadian singer Maria Laura wanders the fields at Southbrook Vineyards in Niagara-on-the-Lake performing for migrant agricultural labourers from Mexico. A celebratory lunch followed. A special thanks to Rangel Ramos who was our liaison with the agricultural workers.

About This Video

Many migrant workers spend most of the year in Canada and are the backbone of the fruit, vegetable, and wine industry, yet remain mostly excluded from cultural life of Niagara.

Life as an agricultural worker in Niagara is very challenging for reasons beyond the difficulty of the labour involved. These reasons can include: limited health and safety provisions, enforced repatriation without process of appeal, racism, and alienation from one's loved ones and homesickness.

neXt Company Theatre feels that it is important to work in collaboration with migrant worker advocates to create circumstances in which migrant workers are understood to be an essential part of the cultural and economic life of Niagara. For this video, a group of Mexican agricultural migrant workers, working on a farm sensitive to migrant worker realities, were celebrated with food and song the day before some of them returned to Mexico.

For more information on the reality of life as migrant agricultural worker in Canada, please consult:

See neXt's other work in collaboration with migrant workers in Niagara here.

Videographers: Barsin Aghajan and Rick Fast


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Brock Congress 2014

  • A vintage cabaret with urban spice. A perfect blend of talents from the Niagara Region. A taste of song, theatre, dance, circus and, of course, wine! It was sexy, raunchy, scandalous and every bit of fun to the last sip.
    - Rachel Balak

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