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neXt Company Theatre was a fully incorporated, not-for-profit, charitable organization.
This was their website.
Content is from the site's 2012-2014 archived pages.


About neXt Company Theatre

neXt Company Theatre is dedicated to the passionate and informed creation of socially conscious new work; documenting Niagara's culture and history; the production of beautiful, unique musical theatre; mentoring emerging artists, technicians, and producers; and training of the next generation of stage actors. 


neXt Company Theatre is a fully incorporated, not-for-profit, charitable organization.

Charitable Tax Registration number: 81308 0256 RR0001

Documentary Theatre

neXt is committed to providing members of the Niagara Region with insight into the identity of the people, places and creatures of the community, employing the power of documentary theatre to raise awareness and encourage growth.

  • Growing Together A Celebration of Niagara's Migrant Workers


neXt is dedicated to the passionate and informed creation of new work which is both beautiful and demanding for our audiences.

  • That Woman / Sex Tragedy
  • Khalida
  • Goya A Techno Opera


neXt produces high quality, clean and beautiful muscial theatre that can be fun and light while also engaging and thought-provoking.

  • The Rocky Horror Show
  • March of the Falsettos


Through workshop intensives and other educational programming, which offer high quality theatre training to the next general of stage actors, neXt Company Theatre is enthusiastically committed to shaping the future landscape of acting training in Canada

  • Missing Links


neXt Company Theatre is devoted to mentoring emerging artists, technicians and producers. With such projects as the Emerging Directors Program, neXt plans to provide ample opportunities for aspiring artist to get more involved with the blooming arts scene in the Niagara Region and beyond.

  • The Hope Is Vital Aboriginal and Non-Aboriginal Youth Workshop Series



Get Involved in a Production

Are you looking for experience in Dramatic Arts Production? Or simply passionate about dramatic arts and want to be involved in exciting projects that add value to your community? Whatever your reasons, we'd like to hear from you!

Our productions are staged on a primarily volunteer basis, although part of our mandate is to support the arts professionals we work with as much as we can.

There are lots of opportunities to be involved:

  • Producer
  • Set Design
  • Costume Design
  • Lighting
  • Musical Direction / Musicians
  • Choreography
  • Stage Manager
  • Front-of-House
  • Marketing
  • Sponsorships


Artistic Team circa 2012


    Daniel Abadie, Artistic Director

    Daniel Abadie is originally from Argentina.    He has worked as an International Stylist, Choreographer, Actor and Director.   He attended Brock University's Music and Theatre programs and has worked with Opera Ontario, Opera Hamilton, the Budapest Opera House, Gypsy Theatre, Bluewater Summer Playhouse, The Queen St. Theatre and many more.

    David Fancy, Artistic Director

    David Fancy teaches in the Department of Dramatic Arts at Brock University where he has served as Head of Department. David's background involves five years of professional music theatre in Dublin, Ireland; an Enbridge PlayRites award; having his playwrighting featured at the Lincoln Centre for the Arts in NYC; extensive experience as an acting trainer and director; publications in international theatre journals on Deleuze and performance; and a lifelong commitment to collaborative creation, frequently involving minoritized or marginalized communities.

    Billy Arthur, Artistic Associate

    Billy Arthur is a graduate of Brock University's Theatre program.    He has worked both on and off the stage. He has been a usher, house manager, concession manager, crew, hang/focus lights, stage manager, lighting operator, costume designer, and professional actor.    Billy has appeared in roles at The Shaw Festival, Blue Water Summer Playhouse, and theatres across toronto and the niagara region.Billy Arthur, Artistic Associ...



2013-14 Season


Written and directed by David Fancy

How do we deal with fear and pain? Cut explores how a quartet of characters embark on very different journeys in response to this question. One is afraid of everything, one is hurting herself, one has been hurt, and one thinks he has all the answers. Whether it be via humour, escape, or direct confrontation, these characters live explosive truths and revelations about love, tenderness, and why it's best not to run away. A difficult but affirmative experience.

The four characters are of varying ethnicities and cultural backgrounds, allowing us to continue to explore as a company the richness of contemporary Canadian life, and the challenges presented to immigrants in adapting to a new country. The text deals with issues of mental illness, self-cutting, paranoia and megalomania, and how all of these tendencies are warped and amplified by contemporary media.

This play lends itself very well to our planned Open Studio discussions and rehearsal demonstrations. Issues of immigration, contemporary trendy self-help methodologies, teen self-harm, family mental health, and related concerns will allow us to make connections with a variety of different constituencies, professionals and service organizations.

(Thoughtful theatre makes us all think a little more thoughtfully. Support this movement.)


The Last Five Years

Directed by D. Abadie

This musical, written by Jason Robert Brown, was first presented in Chicago in 2001 and later produced off-Broadway in March 2002. It has been well-received and has played internationally.

The story centers around Jamie Wellerstein, a young novelist, and Cathy Hyatt, a struggling actress, and their five-years relationship. Jami's story is told from the beginning of the relationship onwards, while we see Cathy's story unfold from the end of their marriage backwards. The characters' stories meet at the wedding scene.

The story is based on Brown's own failed marriage to Theresa O'Neil, in fact, it was so close to reality that O'Neil threaten legal action against Brown, who was forced to change some of the lyrics to make the similarities look less obvious.

With its singular story telling and its rich orchestration, The Last 5 Years creates a spell-bounding musical not to be missed.

(Theatre is good for the collective Niagaran soul. Find out how you can help.)



2013 Productions

Cabaret comes to Niagara

Posted Sep 20th, 2013
Niagara This Week - St. Catharines, By Pieter Van Hiel

The cabaret is a quintessentially European form of entertainment. An evening of song, dance, performance and ribald comedy, they are places where people from all walks of life can relax and enjoy something out of the ordinary. Cabaret-style entertainments exist in North America, but are far less common. In October, Niagara residents will get the chance to sample the delights of a night at the cabaret, combined with fine Niagara wines, at the appropriately named Cabaret Sauvignon.

The four-night show, hosted by Rockway Vineyards in St. Catharines, presents the talents of neXt Company Theatre and the Zacada Circus. The show will include everything from torch song performances to contortionists and much more. Shelly Traver of Rockway said the cabaret nights would appeal to locals and tourists alike.

People can see a professional cabaret in Niagara, in St. Catharines. You don't have to go outside of the city. I think it'll help draw people in to the area, and I think it'll be great for local people to see the talent we have, she said.

Zacada Circus provides many of the Cabaret performers. Zacada is a Stoney Creek business founded by two former Cirque de Soleil performers. In addition to training performers, Zacada provides circus style entertainment for corporate and public events. Owner and director Kosta Zakharenko said Niagara has rarely seen anything like the Cabaret Sauvignon.

I believe this is something this region needed very badly. I myself am from Europe, and if you want to see something like this you don't have to search for it, he said. Here, we're bringing something new. Cabaret is not new, but it's new for this area.

Zakharenko said Zacada has collaborated with neXt Company in the past, and the cabaret is the result of ideas fired by past partnerships.

We did some corporate events and a flash mob and other projects. There has been collaboration between the companies for a long time, and that's when the ideas start to

neXt Company is providing the dramatic performers for the cabaret, including singers and actors. Artistic director David Fancy promised performances in the best traditions of the cabaret.

The person who comes to this is a person who likes to entertained. They like some music, they like some dancing, but they also like something cheeky and inventive, but they also want something unexpected, like a contortionist at the table beside them, he said.

Fancy said both neXt and Zacada had worked hard to present a uniquely Niagara experience. The performances have been specially catered to the Niagara audience, with subtle and not-so-subtle call outs to Niagara's landscape and culture.

We're always looking for some unique that expresses Niagara's identity. We want to do high quality work, but we want it to be homegrown, he said. We have themed songs like ˜Wine Don't You Love Me?' We have songs about the casino, songs about migrant workers. We have a woman singing a song about her lover, and sh'ss comparing him to a grape that not's ripe yet.

The show is about 20 songs long, with slapstick and comic presentations between. Cabaret Sauvignon runs at Rockway Vineyards on Oct. 2 to Oct. 5, starting at 6 p.m. The show includes a three-course dinner. Tickets are $75 per person, or $560 for a table of eight.




2012 Productions


The Rocky Horror Show (St. Catharines 2012)

Dates: February 16-25, 2012

Location: Sullivan Mahoney Courthouse Theatre, St. Catharines, Ontario

Photography | Doug Wilson GREATSHOTS.PRO

The Cast

Brad Majors | Billy Arthur

Janet Weiss | Genna Giampaolo

Dr. Frank-N-Furter | Daniel Abadie

Riff Raff | Paul Lewis

Magenta + Trixie | Carrie Kirkpatrick

Rocky | Adam Sassi

Columbia | Tamera Broczkowski

Dr. Everett V. Scott/Eddie | Louisa O'Keane

The Criminologist + Narrator | Rosemary Drage Hale

Daniel Abadie and Billy Arthur appear with the permission of the Canadian Actors' Equity Association.

Production Team

Producer | Leo Rodrigue

Assistant Producer | Lisa Matheson

Director | Daniel Abadie

Artistic Associate | Billy Arthur

Stage Manager + Lighting Design | Stacy Warford-Graham

Choreographer | Melanie Ash

Hair + Makeup | Monica Abadie

Costume Design | Billy Arthur + Daniel Abadie + Rod Philpott (Alien Costumes)

Costumes | Genna Giampaolo + Maureen Rodrigue + Christine Nolan

Set Design | Daniel Abadie + Billy Arthur

Dance Captain | Genna Giampaolo

Vocal Coach | Melissa Shriner

Music Direction | Laurel Broczkowski + Melissa Shriner

Sound Technician | Rya Ossinger + James Masswohl


Frequently Asked Questions

Below are answers to commonly asked questions about our production of The Rocky Horror Show.

Q:  What theatre is the show at?

A:  The show is at the Sullivan Mahoney Courthouse Theatre at the corner of James and King in downtown St. Catharines 101 King Street, Second Floor.


Q:  What type of seating?

A:  General seating, no reserved seats, other than possibly for groups larger than 25 please contact us.


Q:  What age group is this show appropriate for?

A:  This show is recommended for adult 18+ audiences, with the suggestion that parents accompany teenagers. It is not recommended for younger audiences.


Q:  Will there be audience participation? Will we be able to throw things?

A:  Yes, there will be audience participation; however you need to buy the grab bags at the show, for $5 or $8 per couple for two grab bags. All proceeds from the sale of grab bags will go to AIDS Niagara.


Q:  Can we bring our own grab bags?

A:  No, please buy them at the show the bags will have everything you need!


Q:  Are there discounts for groups?

A:  Buy 7 tickets and get the 8th ticket free.


Q:  Are there any dinner theatre packages available?

A:  The Office Tap & Grill on James St. in downtown St. Catharines is offering a Rocky Dinner Theatre Package for $20 -- With your choice of appetizer, main course and dessert. Reservations required. Book today by calling The Office at 905.984.4440.


Q:  Can we dress up?

A:  Absolutely, yes.


Q:  Is there a bar at the show?

Y:  There will be a bar with beer, wine, soda and water.


Q:  Is the theatre wheelchair accessible?

A:  Not really, but we can carry the chair and the indivdual up separately to the second floor. The theatre is not designed with accessibility ramps, unfortunately.



Funds raised for AIDS Niagara: $1,335

We Love Our Supporters & Sponsors!

These organizations give generously to support the work of neXt Company Theatre, providing much needed resources to help us collaborate with the Niagara community to develope relevant, timely, engaging theatre. Helps Fund This Season's Programs

In addition to a generous grant, this sponsor also donated some very special products to raise funds via our grand auction. We have 2 very special Crescent Sterling Silver Rings in stock for you to bid on! These are among the most popular sterling silver rings featured in their webstore and will very likely attract a lot of attention, since they have been promoted on their Facebook and Twitter accounts for the past year. Don't miss out!


We love them and we think you should love them, too! Please click on the logos of the sponsors of the recent Rocky Horror Picture Show 2012 in St. Catharines to find out more about each organization.


Auction of Original Rocky Memorabilia

T-shirt and poster generously donated by John Nolan.

Two items from the original production of The Rocky Horror Show at the Kings Road Theatre, London, England will be auctioned by neXt Company Theatre to support its charitable arts work.

The t-shirt and poster shown below are from the show which opened in 1973 and ran until 1979 before tranferring to the West End theatre district to The Comedy Theatre. John Nolan (his wife Christine is on the neXt Company Theatre Board of Directors) worked on the show as the Company and Stage Manager. The items have had only one owner (John) and are in pristine condition.

We interviewed John to hear some of the stories about his crazy time with the original cast and the story behind the t-shirt and poster.



That Woman / Sex Tragedy

Contemporary Western society is screwed up about sex. On the one hand, prudery reigns: simple conversations about sexuality are for many people still cringeably difficult, even among family and friends. On the other,  a multi-billion dollar porn industry booms, often involving the exploitation of women and girls. David Fancy's new play,That Woman/Sex Tragedy, locates itself right at the heart of this contradiction. It's a funny, disturbing story about four people trying to negotiate their relationships to sex, pleasure, love, and procreation and to each other. But it's also an angry indictment of how societal hypocrisy about sex can ruin lives. Savvy use of technology adds further depth and variation to Monica Dufault's already bravura multi-character performance. This is a timely, sophisticated, political entertainment that deserves a broad audience.

- Karen Fricker, Theatre Critic for Variety (US) and  Lecturer in Contemporary Theatre, Royal Holloway, University of London (UK)

This riveting and intensely entertaining production explores the reality of sex in an online world. Readily available porn and suburban sex toy parties serve as the backdrop for a complex exploration of identity and sexuality for three people: a Man, a Woman, and ˜That' Woman. A central tragic event viewed through the eyes of these characters played in a bravura performance by Monica Dufault pushes the audience to an unavoidable and shocking conclusion.

An intelligent use of video designed by video artist Donna Szoke and a soundscore by the Motion Ensembles' WL Altman work in concert with a stark design by David Vivian, lighting by Chris Penney and costumes by Roberta Doylend to make for a compelling theatrical experience.

The Artists

That Woman/Sex Tragedy, written and directed by David Fancy, enacted by Monica Dufault, is brave work. Few plays take us from belly-laugh to gut-wrench, fewer still present so honest a representation of sexual desire. Dufault, playing all parts female, male, parent, child astounds; Fancy, realizing his script with diversely inventive stagecraft, delights and instructs. Theatric, not graphic, here is a ˜sex play', both hilarious and horrific, that is truly ˜adult entertainment'.  
Terrance Cox, Poet & Author

Bravo for David Vivian's non-traditional and creative design for That Woman/Sex Tragedy presented by neXt Company Theatre that heightened the audienc's relationship to the characters in this unforgettable new play.
Jane Gardner, General Manager, Carousel Players

A splendid play, and Monica does a fine job: brave and funny and sad.
Peter Feldman, Founding Member, The Open Theatre

General Technical Specs

An innovative scenographic, videographic and auditory response to the performance venue sets the stage for the visceral quality of That Woman/Sex Tragedy. The production requires limited scenic elements and technical support that is consistent with most theatre inventories. That Woman/Sex Tragedy will succeed in unique and original venues that are ripe for rediscovery as well as newer venues in need of exploration.

More detailed information available upon request.